About the Author

My Bio

Hi, my name is Wendi Porter. But as a fiction author and artist, I go by Wendi Coffman-Porter. I grew up an only child in a military family. Spending a lot of time as a child inventing new friends and sharing them with others. I began writing stories down at the age of ten and by the time my first child was born I’d written my first novel. My genre has always been the colorful canvas and creative freedom of fantasy and sci-fi. Mostly because the stories aren't bogged down by historical facts, well, not our historical facts anyway.

Be it roleplaying or writing in my office at home in Texas, with a pack of furry friends, I am always developing something new and colorful to share through either GMing or writing. I am driven to create rich realities that are as seemingly authentic as the ones outside your own window. If you read my work and feel at any point, that what I am writing could be possible, then I have succeeded. After all you never know. String theory postulates any number of possibilities. 
Anthropomophic canine writing in book while normal canine watches.
Self Portrait, mini by HeroForge

Join Me

As I write I work to develop races, places, cultures and sciences that are at least somewhat plausible. I am not a physicist or an engineer, so don't ask me to break things down. But if your looking for a cursory overview that say you could introduce into a game. Then I might be of help.

As I write I do my best to maintain consistency, but as with anything things advance and morph over time. As I write more characters from a certain race, more of their culture will appear. But I always try to keep this information in a secondary place. Separate from the stories.

My hope is to eventually produce a full Game Masters addendum for the Eldrilin Universe. Which will have races, worlds, governments and even some of the strange technologies. Just keep in mind that this is a herculean task. And it may only come in pieces at first.
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Leilani Falconi, mini by HeroForge

My Writing

My writing is inspired by sheer imagination and decades of people watching. I just open my mind and let the thoughts pour out. Most of the time they don't pour out in any kind of order per say, so I just take notes then weed out the good ideas from the bad.

Everything I write about is driven from my fascination with people. Be it good or bad, people intrigue me. I always find myself asking how or why then putting myself in their situation to answer the question. In my mind there is no truer adage than... even the seeming villain is the hero of their own story.

No matter how much you may agree or not agree with the person next to you, they are still the hero of their own story. They will always have a reason, that you may or may not understand, for the decisions they make. In reality, there is no right or wrong. Only that which is socially accepted.
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